Hear what real people have to say about Fit 5 Gym #Resultsmatter

I can not say enough wonderful things about Fit 5. The environment is so welcoming and Daniel is hands down the best trainer that I have EVER worked with. In such a short amount of time I am noticing major gains in both my strength and stability. Fit 5 is the real deal!

Heidi P.

I love being a part of the Fit 5 family! I feel amazing & the workouts are always different and challenging. Come try and class you WONT be disappointed.

Tiffany S.

Great obstacle course / run today! Never thought I’d get past the 2nd round but I got through with 4k in under an hour. Next one will be 5k! Thank you Derek for helping me prepare for this and Daniel for hosting the event!

Judy V.

I joined the gym in January to lose the extra baby weight. Since then I’ve lost 8% Body Fat, 2 jean sizes and almost 20lbs. I have also lost self-doubt and criticism towards myself. It is very intimidating starting something you’ve never done before. If I was slim in the past it was due to a fast metabolism and a busy schedule.
In January when I began Fit 5 even with all my doubt I was determined to lose the weight. Over the past 12 weeks I’ve worked very hard. Every hour class I’ve attended I’ve gained muscle, speed, stamina, power!! I look and feel better at 34 years old than what I did in my 20s. This gym has become like my regular happy hour. It’s filled with happy, welcoming, caring people. People who remember the struggle and run with you so you’re not last. People who guide and mentor you because they understand that thriving together is better than alone.
I’m grateful for my trainers Daniel & Derek who have planned each class so carefully.(I honestly have never done the same workout twice) Every class has offered something completely different. I also want to thank my husband. His support, love and encouragement has meant a lot. Thank you pumpkin 😘
Tonight as I contemplate these past 12 weeks I want to encourage anyone, everyone reading this to move forward and pursue their goals/passions/hobbies. The process of doing them is the greatest gift you give yourself and others.
#Fit5 #ResultsMatter

Zuleyne I.

Fit 5 is the bomb ! Never been to a gym that I love going to and Fit 5 is definitely the first ! Awesome people and super motivating environment!

Kelly P.

I’m glad I checked out Fit 5. My overall physical health has improved more over the past 2 months than I ever expected. Try this and see for yourself.

Peter B.

Fit 5 is a great combination of agility, strength and endurance!! Daniel’s an amazing trainer who always goes the extra mile because he truly cares. His classes are rarely the same and you always leave having had a great workout. I’ve tried many different gyms and workouts but this is by far one of the best!

Jen G.

I loved it best experience when working out. Definitely going to be the best I can and give it al I got. Us Navy here I come

Henry R.

I am glad I joined the “senior ‘”workout session @ Fit 5…..we meet everyday @ 12 pm and the cost is covered by most insurances…….the trainers., Daniel and Derrek are professional, knowledgeable, sociable and kind to us seniors…..we get a good workout while listening to fun music like Oldies, Latin and Ragaey….. .and we get to meet some awesome people…..I have spinal cord injury and I can do most of the routine with no trouble……so all you “Golden” Girls and Guys grab a bottle of water and come and join “Silver” Sneakers @ Fit 5 and get your heart pumping and your blood flowing…..your body will thank you for it 🙂

Rosemarie N.

Different types of exercises each day, never boring. Knowledgeable staff to assist with fitness and nutrition, ready to push you to achieve your goals. Great positive environment all around no matter the time you come in to workout. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Stefanie S.

I’ve been at Fit 5 for 2 weeks – twice a week in a group class with Daniel. He’s an amazing instructor very motivational and each one of his classes will kick your butt!!! its always a surprise what you will be doing that day!

Sarah H.

Best workouts I have ever been through!!!


Adrian N.

 Just did my first workout this morning. Daniel and Derrick are very professional and assessed my fitness level. They gave me an individualized workout in a group setting. They set up obtainable goals and encouraged me goals and encouraged me to do my personal best. I felt good after the workout, not too tired to get on with my day. It was challenging, but not too challenging! I like working out at Fit 5!


Deana T.


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