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We offer an array of programs to meet any fitness level, at any age and on any budget.

Come in today to see which plan may be right for you.

Personal Training

Work one on one with a certified personal trainer tailored to meet your individual needs based on your goals, body type and current body composition. We offer superior service and will beat any competitors’ price. If you find a better price, we will match it and beat it by 15%.*

Small Group PT

We specialize in personal training within a group setting with flexible hours. We have 2 primary programs; SPRINT (Specialized Progressive Resistance and Integrated Neuromuscular Training) and PACE (Prescribed Advanced Conditioning Evalution) workouts. These workouts are designed to enhance conditioning, build lean muscle and improve athletic performance.

HIIT Classes

High Intensity Interval Training is one of our most calorie scorching workouts to maximum body fat loss while building strength and endurance. Checkout the workouts tab for more info on our innovative classes that you will find only at Fit 5 Gym.

Kickboxing Fitness        

Had a tough day? Fight back with this fun yet challenging workout as you rotate through different rounds of speed bags, power kicks and core exercises in variety of endless combinations. It is a full body workout designed to burn calories and relieve stress.

Kid’s Programs

Most kids are able to workout with the adults with either PACE or HIIT workouts. Teenage kids, especially ones playing a sport, will get a huge benefit from SPRINT workouts to enhance their performance. In addition, both kids and adults alike get can in a great workout while forgetting about the pressure from school/work as they punch and kick their way to a fit, healthier version by taking one of our Kickboxing fitness classes.

Senior Fitness

We have a variety of programs geared for our seniors to improve their strength, balance, flexibility and overall health.  A great benefit to our seniors is that this program is covered by most insurance plans. There will be absolutely no cost to you!

*We will match and beat pricing on personal training from any national brand gym on similar training packages.


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