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       We are giving away a month of unlimited workouts for


All month long for the 29 days of February we will give away 1 month free to 1 lucky person each day. That’s 1 free membership per day! To enter, simply fill out the info below and each submission counts as one entry. Only 1 entry per day, sending multiple entries in the same day does not increase your chances of winning.  29 lucky people will win a free month, Good Luck!

P.S. This is a legit free month that we’re giving away each day. None of those “free” challenges  that requires a huge deposit that you have to try to earn it back. No gimmicks, just results!

P.P.S. We have been getting a lot of messages if this is real? We will continue to give away 1 free membership a day to the non skeptic. You can also call us direct at 954-871-5433 to fire away any questions you may have. -Daniel 🙂

What to expect for the workouts?

We believe in team training to optimize your results and to produce even better accountability. Every rep and every set you are working out in a small team of people who share a common goal: to get the most out of the workout! Plus our personal trainers are leading all the classes to ensure proper form and technique. We all workout as a unit and there is no competeing with others, afterall you’re on the same team. You can expect a welcoming environment with a ton of support! Our workouts are blend of strength, athletic and functional training. We accomadate all levels of fitness into our program from those who never worked out before to even the most seasoned gym goer. First class is always free so even if you do not win the free month, give us a call to try us out. Promise you’ll love it. Above is a 90 second clip of our team training in action. Enjoy!


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*We will never Spam you. Your information will only be used to have one of our staff members reach out to for more information on our programs.

 Must be over 18 to enter, live or work driving distance to our gym and be willing to work out a minimum of 3 times per week.  Must not have completed any recent promotions by Fit 5 in the last 90 days to be eligible. Submit 1 entry per day, please do not spam our entry form.